The company is one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pulses in Indore. The wide assortment of Pulses, offered by the company, is inclusive of Rahar Dal and Toor Dal Patka. The Pulses, offered by the company, are manufactured from premium-quality grains. The high nutritional content as well as the quality of the Pulses is widely appreciated by the clients. The safe and reliable packaging, in which the Pulses are offered, ensures that the quality standards are maintained..
Pm Brand
We are one of the widely accredited manufacturers, suppliers and traders of variety of pulses such as Toor Dal Patka. This dal is hygienically processed under the guidance of senior professionals. Our entire range undergoes laboratory testing in order to know about its nutritional content. These pulses are widely used in homes, hotels and restaurants. In addition to this, we make sure to offer the pulses in quality packaging so that its freshness and taste remains intact.
Parasram Mannulal Dal Mill is counted amongst the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Toor Dal. We are the largest producer of Toor Dal Rol catering to the demand of the nation. We produce different kinds of Toor Dal .It is Hygienically packaged,Processed with unique techniques,Longer shelf life,Nutrients preserved
Gaya Bachara
We are one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of  Dal Chunni. This chunni is a by product obtained from the processing of Arhar dal. The offered dal chunni is used as a fodder for cattle. Moreover, this chunni enhances the fat content in milk of dairy animals.
Papa Premium
We possess largest processing capacity. With high-tech processing we make sure that each grain of  Toor Dal retains the original health value stored in it. Complying with the international quality standards, we have established a stringent quality control procedure at every single point of operation right from procurement to dispatch. And, we constantly strive to religiously fulfill our proposition by making continual improvement in our quality management system.
Yellow Gold
We present a range of Arhar Dal which are clean, hygienic and are packed in different measures. It is extensively used in cooking a dish using various spices and other ingredients. The high nutritious value of Arhar Dal includes high protein, essential amino acids & digestible fibers. They are used extensively in India and is prepared as a part of main course food.
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